Uninstall RealVNC Guides With Traditional Or Faster Way

uninstall RealVNC

Take standard manual way or a faster approach to uninstall RealVNC from PC? You can get more details about these two methods from this post, and choose the better one you think to delete it.

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RealVNC overview

RealVNC is a program that provides remote access to other devices. It consists of a server VNC Server and a client application VNC Viewer, both of them will be installed and created the shortcut on the PC. So don't worry if you see these two apps after installing RealVNC.

Developer: RealVNC Ltd
Written in: Java
Type: Remote administration software
Official Website: www.realvnc.com
Default installation folder: C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\

Possible reasons to remove the program

If you had tried but failed to remove the program from your PC, you should skip it and take another way to perform the uninstaller.

Correctly uninstall RealVNC with these two available ways

Traditional method to remove it on PC

Since there are two associated programs of RealVNC, you should completely remove them from the Windows. And the Traditional removal way will rely on the Windows removing feature.







After completing all of these steps, you will be able to uninstall RealVNC successfully from the PC.

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Get advanced app remover to uninstall RealVNC more quickly

For the people who don't want to spend too much time to remove the program, applying a professional uninstaller is a good alternative. Advanced app uninstaller can help users to scan and remove all of files and preferences quickly, and more importantly, it don't need to take too many steps to conduct the whole removal.

Total Uninstaller is the qualified removal tool that can help you to remove RealVNC with simple steps, and you can learn how to remove with the following guides:

uninstall VNC Server




uninstall VNC Viewer

When reboot the computer, your system will be refreshed and you will finish to uninstall RealVNC thoroughly.

Not clear enough? Please refer to the video for more intuitive instructions:

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Posted By: Jamie / Sep 20, 2018

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