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Is it a difficult task for you to uninstall Scratch from the PC? What makes you unable to finish it smoothly? If you still have such questions, we will help you figure it out today.

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What's Scratch

Scratch is a visual programming tool and online community for children, it can be used for free and create many interesting animated projects and interactive artwork with ease steps. So it is not a complex or big subject that makes people hard to remove it from the PC, if you always encounter some problems to uninstall Scratch, you can follow the guides in this post to compete the removal on your computer.

General issues of removing Scratch on PC

Although this is an application for children, it also suggests the parents to conduct the program when it is useless on the computer. For the way to uninstall Scratch from Windows, you can refer to the instructions below (with images and video).

How to uninstall Scratch for good from Windows system

Traditional way(I) to remove Scratch manually

It has been a common sense to uninstall unwanted app from Windows with its built-in uninstaller, however, most of people don't know that it usually leaves a leftovers issue on the PC, and requires the user to complete the removal manually after removing the program from the uninstaller's list.




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Traditional way(II) to complete the removal

Many people assume that there is a Scratch uninstaller on the PC, but don't know where it is. Firstly, it is for sure that the Scratch program gets a specific uninstaller on its associated folder, and people can easily access to the folder and use the uninstaller from the following steps:



Easier way to uninstall Scratch thoroughly

If you does not consider to take much of time to perform the manual removal with the above steps, you can choose to perform an automatic removal with professional uninstaller, it can help you to perform the app removal quickly with very simple steps, and don't leave any leftovers issue or unsuccessful removing problem on the PC.

Total Uninstaller is a strong support tool for you to uninstall Scratch, and you can find from the removing steps it is very easy to handle on the computer.

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