Uninstall ShareX Guides - How can Remove The App on Windows

Cannot uninstall ShareX properly on Windows? Sometimes people might get some problems to get rid of this program from the PC. So here listed some effective ways to remove this software as well as the troubleshooting guides to fix the uninstall problems.

What's ShareX?

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This is a screen capture tool for Microsoft Windows, which allows people to take screenshot and screencast. Its source code is hosted at the GitHub code-sharing and code development platform.

In most time, ShareX works at the background of the computer, and you can find the running ShareX on the System tray or Task manager. So one can choose to stop the program from these two places when you are going to remove ShareX.

Optional ways to uninstall ShareX thoroughly

1.Remove the program with Windows removing feature



remove ShareX




If ShareX does not appear on the programs list, the program might be corrupted or encounters other problems. In this case, you should take another way to remove it for a try, or try the resolution at the end of the post to resolve the problem and uninstall it well.

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2.Launch the app's built-in uninstall process

Upon ShareX's installation on the computer, an uninstall process will also added to the program's folder, which enable people to remove the software itself via the process.

uninst000 ShareX

3.Uninstall ShareX with Total Uninstaller

Total Uninstaller is a third party uninstall utility for Windows OS and able to remove unneeded applications on the computer. Here are specific guides for uninstalling ShareX quickly with this uninstaller.

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How to fix if the program is uninstalled improperly

Some people might had tried to uninstall ShareX before reading this post, and the program was not removed exactly or completely on their PCs. To fix this problem and remove the program successfully from the computer, you can try the following resolution:

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Posted By: Harper / May 28, 2019

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