How to Uninstall Silverlight Successfully from Windows

Microsoft Silverlight, usuallyl short for Silverlight, is a development tool from Microsoft that allow users to create interactive user experiences in Web and mobile platform. For the need to uninstall Silverlight from Windows, you can look at the following content and take the most suitable way for you to perform this app's removal.

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Why people cannot uninstall Silverlight

uninstall Silverlight

According to many people's experiences, it seems like very common to get a corrupted silverlight installation on the PC. In this case, the program won't be installed successfully unless you clean the corrupted installation and reinstall it again. And that's just the problem to remove it when Windows system does not recognize it as a normal app on the PC. In additional, some people also have a question to remove its associated files on the system as well as on the web browser. So, what on earth is the correct way to clean it on the Windows? Here are some warm tips:

What should we do we conduct the removal

Make sure the program has been stop running at this time
Close all of the web browsers
Take complete steps to totally remove its files on PC as well as the web browser

Proper ways to uninstall Silverlight from PC

Traditional way to remove it manually on Windows

Step 1: uninstall the program in Control Panel


remove Silverlight


Step 2: clean its registry keys and leftovers on web browser


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Take Total Uninstaller to uninstall Silverlight

To conduct a quit removal for the application, you can choose Total Uninstaller to help you perform the uninstallation on the PC.

uninstall Silverlight




Note, corrupted Silverlight also can be removed with the uninstaller

Incomplete Silverlight installation or corrupted Silverlight will not available on the removal list of Windows uninstaller, in this case, you can choose to clean the program's incomplete installation folder via Total Uninstaller as well.

The most common reason why people cannot uninstall Silverlight well is because the incomplete removal. So, please compare the above removing steps with the common steps you take, and you will find the difference and perform a successful removal for the application.

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Posted By: Patrick / Jan 24, 2019

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