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Spotify is created as a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service, through which people can listen to the music they like, artists and albums, and also can create the playlist which collecting their favorite songs. Here Total Uninstall blog will provides the most effective and easiest way to uninstall Spotify, if you need to remove it on your PC, you can know how to do with the following removing instructions.

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For some Spotify users, it is a problem to remove this application on the computer, especially the local files, caches and registry entries, which usually cannot be removed with the application on the PC, so, maybe the removal guides here can help you to figure it out.

There are generally two ways allow you to remove Spotify on the computer: manual and automatic way. And the following content will show you how to perform the removal respectively, and the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of removal.

Traditional way - uninstall Spotify manually

Traditionally, when people need to uninstall an app on their computers, the first way they consider to use would be going to the Control Panel, and perform a manual removal for the unwanted software. This removing feature on the Windows system is still being used in nowadays, and people can use it to remove Spotify for free, but if you want to totally remove the application and would not leave any file behind, you should do more additional removing steps rather than simply uninstall it in the Control Panel.

First stage: uninstall Spotify with Windows uninstaller



uninstall Spotify manually

Second stage: clear local file of Spotify which still leaving on the PC


Note: Incomplete/unsuccessful removal often happen

In most cases, manually removing Spotify will always face a problem: the incomplete removal issue; this is because the Windows uninstaller usually cannot fulfill the requirement to fully remove Spotify, many of the related files still leaving on the computer after removal. And the incomplete removal often cause the app removing an operating error on the PC, as well as make it unable to be re-installed successfully. Therefore, you should be very careful if you take the manual removal for Spotify, and recommend to clean every thing related to the app on your computer.

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Automatic way - remove it with professional uninstaller

Tired of performing the manual removal for Spotify and other unwanted app? In nowadays, applying a professional uninstaller just can help you to handle this kind of problem with ease, the automatic and complete removal provided by advanced uninstaller can help you to finish an app removal with a short time, and it won't bring any leftover issue on your PC.

Total Uninstaller is such a professional removal utility that allow the user to uninstall unwanted unneeded program as well as clear the local files and components completely. So it is available for the user to uninstall Spotify effectively on their computers:

How-to-do instructions to remove Spotify with Total Uninstaller

uninstall Spotify with TU





You also can check the specific video presentation here:

So easily to uninstall Spotify, right? You can download Total Uninstaller from here and have a try now:

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Posted By: Patrick / Dec 19, 2016

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