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How to Uninstall from Windows Based PC?

The most complete guide on how to uninstall from your Widows based PCs. This guide will teach how to uninstall a program from start to finish, no prior computer knowledge required. If you've never used your own hands to uninstall a program before, then the manual uninstall method provided in this guide is for you. If you are already a bit familiar, this guide will likely still have something for you, like a well-known and notable uninstaller tool. Hence, this guide has been explained in two parts, including both manual removal way and technical uninstaller software. Overview is an optimal secure cloud storage platform that allows you to run a cloud-based backup from anywhere and get your work done faster and smarter. may be the greatest platform ever invented for storing, sharing, accessing all your files and data in the cloud. Since you always want to have your files with you, why not make use of a secure cloud storage software to make yourself more productive and backup your files automatically and keep them synced across all your devices. With a right tool, a secure cloud storage program can give you the freedom and flexibility to get your office work done productively, and all stored files in the cloud can be accessible from anywhere on your computer, iPhone, and other devices. So, with you can save a lot of time and eliminate productivity-killing stress and frustration. Also, if you want to keep everything in Sync, then the platform will be your choice.

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Complete Guide to Uninstall from Windows Based PC

This guide will give you two methods regarding how to uninstall from your PC. You will get to know how to remove an app in a manual way, you will also get to know how to take full use of an automatic uninstaller tool to make any app's uninstallation faster and easier. If you are looking to be capable of removing any unwanted apps in person, then the explained manual removal method will help you know more about that. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution that will take you from the very fundamentals of uninstalling, all the way to uninstall Windows programs successfully, the notable Total Uninstaller is your choice.

1. Use Manual Method to Remove

In this part, you will get how to uninstall manually, step by step instructions included. It is right for those Windows beginners who want to know how to basically uninstall a program on their own.

① Use Built-in Uninstaller comes with a built-in uninstaller, you can get it ready for your PC when you install  this program. Hence, we can use the itself uninstaller to complete this removal.

  • Click Start menu on the lower-left corner of your Desktop screen.

start menu

  • You will see most of your installed app from the Start menu, scroll down find the program folder. Locate at folder and open it, and then right click on the app's icon and select Uninstall option.


  • Next you'll look at the Programs and Features page. Right-click the program and then selection Uninstall option again to continue this uninstallation.

uninstall Sync

  • You then still need to click Yes to confirm that you want to uninstall right now.


  • The program's uninstall wizard pops-up, finish the next steps to uninstall from your computer.

② Use Control Panel

  • Click the Start menu > click Control Panel.

control panel

  • From the Control Panel window, find out the Programs setting and click Uninstall a Program under it.

uninstall a program

  • Now, you are facing the Programs and Features page, right-click the program > then click Uninstall to starting the removal.

uninstall Sync

  • Click Yes to continue the uninstallation. Follow the pop-ups to uninstall from your PC.

③ Use Windows Settings

  • Click Start menu > then click Settings icon.

Windows 10 settings

  • Click Apps option from the Windows Settings window.

Windows 10 Settings

  • Now you are seeing the Apps & features page. Click on the Sync program > click Uninstall.

remove Sync

  • Click Yes to continue the removal work. Please wait while is being uninstalled.

2. Use Total Uninstaller to Uninstall

In this part, you will get to know how to use Total Uninstaller to uninstall completely and effortlessly. With the right tools, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to uninstall any undesired app from Windows based PCs.

  • Quit the app at first. Run Total Uninstaller > select by checking > click Run Analysis.


  • Click Complete Uninstall to start uninstalling this program.

complete uninstall

  • Click Uninstall Now to continue uninstalling from your PC. If you don't want to create a restore point, then uncheck the option.

unisntall Sync

  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to uninstall this product.


  • Till now, has been uninstalled from your PC. So, quit Total Uninstaller and Restart your PC to apply changes. is uninstalled Refer to a simple video guide to uninstall


This guide aims at helping anyone who needs to uninstall some unwanted programs from Windows PC more efficiently. If you are one of those users who want to uninstall and get things done effortlessly, a professional uninstaller tool like Total Uninstaller will be a superb choice. This is just one of the ways the Total Uninstaller will increase your productivity and troubleshoot all uninstalling issues. Sign up for this uninstaller app now, give it a try and this is a huge productivity boost.

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