How Do I Uninstall Thunderbird Thoroughly from Windows

Do you get any removing issue when try to uninstall Thunderbird? According to the emails I received in recently, it seems like this program removal really cause some troubles for some users. So I have tested the program uninstallation on my PC. And here are my suggestions about how to remove Thunderbird and troubleshoot the problem people usually encounter.

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About Thunderbird


Thunderbird (or Mozilla Thunderbird) is an open-source cross-platform email client. Which allows people to use the email services with this platform. People can use, set up and customize the client for free, and it is on Ubuntu desktop systems by default.

After the installation, the program will locate its installation folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird" if you do not change the install directory during the installing process. And usually, it will also set up as the default email client on the PC, and pin to the taskbar.

Possible reasons for people to remove it

General issues of the program removal

How do I uninstall Thunderbird from the PC

1.Conventional way: use Windows uninstaller



remove Thunderbird






If you cannot remove Thunderbird successfully from the Windows' uninstall list, it might be a fault with Windows application management or the program itself. In this case, you should change other way to perform this app removal on the PC.

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2.Optional way: invite an app uninstaller to uninstall Thunderbird

As an automatic program remover, Total Uninstaller is able to scan out all files associated to the removed program, and perform a standard removal and additional leftovers removal to make sure the program will be removed completely from the PC. To uninstall Thunderbird, you also can take the same way to conduct this program removal.

Steps to uninstall Thunderbird with Total Uninstaller

uninstall Thunderbird





If the program is quarantined and cannot be uninstalled

When the program has been quarantined by the security program, you should erase it from the quarantine list, and you will see the program is available on the uninstall list. Thus, you can start to uninstall Thunderbird with the above approaches.

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Posted By: Harper / Mar 12, 2019

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