How to Uninstall TunnelBear from Windows PC?

Wondering how to uninstall TunnelBear on your computer? You may be new to change or uninstall a program from Windows PC or you have already tried to uninstalled TunnelBear but still you feel you need to know more about uninstalling the program in detail so that it helps you solve challenging problems and get rid of the leftover files thoroughly. This guide covers two solutions to uninstall such TunnelBear program in greater details, every solution is introduced through the one-by-one steps, so you don't need to worry about whether it is easy to start or not.

If you are regularly Windows users and frequently need to uninstall some programs and want to know more effective solutions to help you ace all the issues of uninstall with ease, if you are keen to find out a fast and effective solution to clean out any unwanted programs without wasting much time, or you simply want to learn more about how to remove a program by your own hands, this guide here will show you how.

TunnelBear Overview

After the invention of the internet, many things got changed and replaced by other stuff. For instance, after the globalisation of the internet, many countries and their adjacent government reformed and establish rules to safeguard users from cybersecurity threats.

Uninstall TunnelBear

VPN is one of those examples and terms related to the world of the internet. Over the years, more than thousands of VPN service providers showed up. TunnelBear is yet another type of VPN service provider.

However, there are many more things apart from providing VPN service to internet users all across the world. Now that you know what TunnelBear is, you might be questioning the features they provide.

Here the two optimal features you can get if only you opt for the TunnelBear VPN.

Internet tunnelling is the term that defines that your data is transferred through a passage. And this passage is nothing but a visualised tunnel-like structure, thus the name.

Apart, most of the VPN service providers has a weak VPN tunnel. Some of them will never focus on the upgradation and service side enhancements to increase the speed of data transmission. Due to this, you can face problems like slow internet connections even if your service provider is offering you 20 Mbps of speed.

Although, TunnelBear uses the best of the best technology to provide its VPN users with the fastest tunnelling facility. Now, connect with the VPN and play games, videos without losing network connectivity.

Secondly, this VPN service provider also helps to secure the tunnel with its double-layer data encryption technology.

So now, you don't have to worry about any cyber threat or spies. In fact, they can't touch your data until the passage/ tunnel doesn't provide the gateway to them. Of course, there is only one way to enter this route. That's nothing but your computer device itself.

Frankly speaking, there is only a handful of VPN service providers who can offer you this benefit. The TunnelBear is one of them. But what does vigilant bear mean?

Most of the times, cyber-terrorist can't attack the VPN service due to the encrypted tunnel features. However, there is a catch here. Yes, at the time when you connect with the VPN, it's the most crucial moment for sure.

The time period for getting connected with the VPN is what hackers look at as a golden opportunity. Above all, the only way a hacker can get into your system is by launching the malware at the time of establishing a connection with VPN providers.

But wait, if you are using TunnelBear, then you don't have to worry about the hackers at all. After all, the Vigilant bear feature will help to safeguard your computer and data in a brief second while the VPN is getting connected.

The TunnelBear would generate an automatic protocol if you lost the signal. Once the internet connectivity is gained, the VPN will reconnect automatically. This is why most cyber-terrorist will not be able to establish a connection with your computer through any given method.

Two Solutions to Uninstall TunnelBear from Windows PC Completely

First, we are going to tell you how you can uninstall TunnelBear on a Windows-based computer through your own hands. You will walk through the step-by-step guide easily although you never know about it before. Second, we will also tell you a much easier and more efficient solution to uninstall TunnelBear from your PC through just a few of clicks. This solution is a way that can be used to thoroughly remove any unwanted programs as well as leftover files in seconds. So it is the time to get started.

First Solution: Remove TunnelBear Through Manual Way

Get how to remove & uninstall TunnelBear through your own hands.

① Use TunnelBear Itself Uninstaller

start menu

uninstall TunnelBear from start menu

click Uninstall

② Use Windows Control Panel

control panel

uninstall a program

uninstall TunnelBear on control panel

③ Use Windows Settings (if you're on Windows 10)

Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 Settings

click Uninstall

Second Solution: Uninstall TunnelBear Through Total Uninstaller

Get how to uninstall TunnelBear through the professional uninstaller software named Total Uninstaller. To follow along the few steps for removing TunnelBear you'll need Total Uninstaller that lets you uninstall with a few of clicks. So if you prefer using this solution to save time and power, download the tool that I list in the post.

uninstall TunnelBear by Total Uninstaller

complete uninstall TunnelBear

click Uninstall


delete TunnelBear leftovers

TunnelBear is removed


Throughout the guide, you will get how to uninstall TunnelBear using the provided two solutions. Till now, if you still feel confused about removing the TunnelBear program in person, take it easy, the Total Uninstaller tool can make it be a very easy thing, like three meals a day. What if you could uninstall any unwanted programs with ease? Think about the provided Total Uninstaller.

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Posted By: Harper / Jun 01, 2021

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