Uninstall Viber for Windows with Easy-to-Follow Guides

uninstall Viber

Have problems about how to uninstall Viber and whether it will clear all of your messages and histories? Don't worry, you will get the correct way and easy guides to remove the program as well as backup the associated information inside.

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Overview of Viber application

Viber is a cross-platform IM and VoIP tool that can be used on your phone and Windows based computer. Many people would like to make calls and send messages for free with this application. And it also can syncs users' messages, history, and contacts on the device.

Questions about removing Viber

Will Viber removal delete all of records and messages?
When uninstall Viber program from the computer, the message history and records are also deleted with the app.

Is there a way to back up message?
You can choose to backup their messages on the program if they are important for them.

Does Viber removal mean deactivate the account?
Removing Viber from the computer does not mean that your account Viber will also be removed permanently, you should deactivate the account additionally if you need.

How to back up your message



After backing up your important messages, you can plan to uninstall the program now.

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How can deactivate and uninstall Viber completely from PC

Standard removal: remove it via Windows uninstaller





Wise removal: uninstall Viber with professional remover

Worry about the standard removal will take much of your time to finish the program uninstallation? Or think of it is too complicated? Professional remover can make the app removal easier and faster, and let you finish the whole removal quickly with simple steps.

Total Uninstaller is a specific uninstall tool that allows you to uninstall installed applications professionally, including Viber. So you can follow the guides below to get rid of this program on your PC.



If you need to delete your account, follow this

Note: if you does not delete your Viber account, you basic account information will continue to kept on the database. When you reinstall and activate Viber again with your phone number, your information will be restored on the app.

If you need to delete your account either after uninstalling Viber, you can contact Viber support and ask for help to delete your account.

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