Cannot Uninstall Zoom? Try the Following 2 Available Ways

Can you uninstall Zoom smoothly from the PC? Some people in recently are troubled by this program removal on their computers, so maybe you need the following guides and tips to help you delete the app smoothly.

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What is Zoom program?

uninstall Zoom

Zoom is an app provides video communications for the enterprise, and allow users to chat, hold cloud meeting and video conferencing online. This program is belonging to Zoom Video Communications, which is a company from San Jose, California and specialized in providing remote conferencing services via using the cloud computing.

General problems when you try to remove Zoom

Two available ways to uninstall Zoom from PC

1.Use Windows' uninstall feature


remove Zoom manually



If you does not get the removing problems mentioned above on your PC, you usually can uninstall Zoom manually via the Windows' removing feature. However, many people also gets a problem to totally remove its files from the computer. To fix this incomplete removal, you should search out and clean all of its leftovers after the standard removal.

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2.Uninstall Zoom and its leftovers with Total Uninstaller

To remove the Zoom program as well as its stubborn files quickly and more easily, you can apply Total Uninstaller to help you perform the app removal on your computer. There are specific removing steps (with images and video tutorials) at the following:

uninstall Zoom




If you cannot remove this program with success from the Windows Control Panel, taking a professional uninstaller is usually a good alternative to help you complete the program removal. And it is also a smart choice for you to handle other big-size or complex programs removal on your computer.

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Posted By: Patrick / Jul 23, 2019

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