Want to Uninstall Chromium on PC? Try This Way

Cannot find Chromium on the programs list in Apps and Features? Chromium still exist after performing the removal? To uninstall Chromium more effectively, you can check this post and find the proper removal way for your situation.

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About Chromium program

uninstall Chromium

Before start the removal, let's make clear what's Chromium first. It is a open-source web browser project that gets full functions on its own. On the other side, the majority of code for the Google Chrome is also supplied by Chromium. So it is not a malware as some people said.

What are the big problems with the program removal

According to many people's experiences to uninstall Chromium, they will always get some troubles which unable to finish the removal successfully on the PC. And the most frequent removing issues are:

How to uninstall Chromium and fix unable to remove problem

Traditional removal: use Windows removal feature




If associated files and traces are still on the PC, you should take the following steps to clear them:




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How to fix Chromium won't uninstall in this way

1.Cannot find it on the list

Solution: Update/Reinstall the program and try to remove again. Windows removing feature usually cannot remove a corrupted program on the PC, so you should try to recover it via updating the software or install a new version of the app to cover the current one on the computer. After that, you will find the program to be available on the programs list in Control Panel.

2.Cannot remove its associated files completely

Solution: search out and delete all of its files one by one. Type Chromium in the search box to let the computer to scan out all associated files of the software, and you should delete them thoroughly from the PC.

3.Always does not work when taking this removal way

Solution: change to use other way to uninstall Chromium. There is not only Windows uninstall feature can help you remove the program on the computer. And you try to take another way to perform the app removal well like applying a professional app uninstaller.

Smarter removal: uninstall Chromium with advanced removal tool

To get rid of all of leftovers and complete the program removal more quickly, you will have to apply a automatic removal tool. Total Uninstaller is a professional removal utility for Windows PC, it is good at helping users to perform a quick and complete uninstallation for the application, and people can save the time and energy to check and clear those stubborn leftovers on the computer.

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Posted By: Patrick / Jun 25, 2019

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